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Social Opportunities

Below are our core social education sessions. We offer various opportunities through the month for people to come together, practice social skills and learn valuable information to help them make safer choices and build upon their self wellbeing skills. 

Zoom Quiz and Games 

Online every fortnight social sessions where the participants can take turns hosting the quiz and choosing games. 

Games Session

Monthly games at our office. Bingo, Wii games or board games.

Wellbeing Walks

Monthly Walks in the Portsmouth locality with a friendly group. 

Mindful Meet

Fortnightly online sessions to talk about being mindful and supporting our emotional wellbeing. 

Night on the Town

Alternating between our epic Karaoke nights and simply popping to the pub each month, dressed up or cool and casual. 

LGBTQ+ Drop-in

Monthly safe space for people with a Learning Disability and/or Autism to discuss sexuality and gender identity, meet others and share experiences.

Coffee morning

Our coffee mornings are open to professionals, non-paid carers, and participants (no referral form required).
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Evaluation Forms

Please complete these forms when asked to by the group facilitator

Click the image required

Evaluation Form for Education Sessions

(Online Safety, Boundaries)

Evaluation Form for Social Sessions

(Quiz night, Sunday Socials, Coffee Morning)

End of Programme Progress Form