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Set2Shine are our core social education sessions. We offer various opportunities through the month for people to come together, practice social skills and learn valuable information to help them make safer choices. 

Social Education Meets

Quiz Night

Every other Tuesday on Zoom.


Activity is weather dependent.

Every other Sunday.

Open to all! Good opportunity to meet others and practice the social skills that we teach in other programmes.

Online Safety

We are able to offer training over 5 sessions talking about staying safe online.
These cover topics such as What is the internet, Accessing social media, BE SAFE and Avoiding Risks. 

LGBTQ+ Drop in

We have relaunched our LGBTQ+ drop in sessions. This is a safe space for people with a Learning Disability to discuss sexuality, gender identity, meet others and to share experiences.
These are on the first Thursday of each month.

Coffee morning

Our coffee mornings are open to professionals and participants (no referral form required). Dates TBC 
We have quarterly meets to talk about relationships, what is important to people with disabilities, share good practice and knowledge. A great chance to network, ask any questions and see what resources we use.