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Prepare2Shine is a 7 week programme that supports the participant to learn a variety of skills as they work through the sessions. 

Each referral received we assess for individual learning needs, communication styles and current situation. This allows us to place participants in groups with similar people. By doing this we are able to focus on specific subjects in more detail that are relevant for the whole group but also provides the opportunity for people to meet others. 

If the participant is suitable then this programme is fully funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. 

My emotions and me

What emotions do we feel, how do we cope with them.
How can we support our friends with their emotions.

My Body and Me

What are the different parts of our body called.
What do the different parts of our body do. 
We look at how males and females are different.  

Self Care

How to look after our body.
Checks to keep our body safe (lumps and bumps)
Changes that happen to our bodies. 

Relationships- Staying Safe

What is really important to you in a relationship.
Healthy vs unhealthy relationship behaviours.
Compromise in relationships.
Healthy timelines in relationships. 

Relationships- Different Types

We look at boundaries in different relationships like family, professional and love or lust.
Staying safe with different people such as strangers (online and in real life)
Different types of relationships (LGBTQ+)
Circle of support. 

Capacity and Consent

What is Capacity and when someone might lack capacity.
What is consent and ways we can give/gain consent. 
Understanding body language. 
Recognising the law with ages and consent. 

Sexual Health

What services there are and how you can access them.
We cover what you can do to stay healthy and how you use different resources like condoms or the pill.
What some STIs are like and what will happen if you go to a clinic for a sexual health check up.  

Evaluation Forms

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