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Bespoke Work

We know that some individuals have needs that can be complex or are in situations that may not be suitable for group work. Alternatively they maybe under 18 and so not able to join our adult groups.
We offer training with 2 of our staff team, covering a range of topics such as grooming, marriage, pregnancy, masturbation to name a few. Bespoke packages are written and designed for the individuals specific needs.
Within our team we have a Learning Disability Nurse and Sexual Health Promotion Practitioner, we utilise this skill set to ensure a safe, effective package.
Please get in touch so that we can discuss what packages we offer and see what we can do to support.
Within the package we offer:
  • Lesson plan sent to the commissioner for agreement prior to commencing the development of the programme,
  • Create and provide all the resources required for the teaching sessions,
  • Bespoke education from 2 members of our staff to the individual (and their support),
  • We can complete a full detailed report of what we taught within a week of delivery. This includes verbal responses, photographs of their work/activity response, and any handouts that we gave them. This should then provide a base for the decision maker to then assess the individual at a later point with regards to capacity, knowing exactly how we presented it. It also allows the option of yourself or supporting staff to go over the information in a similar way to us to repeat the work to enhance retention of knowledge.
We request from the commissioning body
(the below will be within the quote unless you stipulate that you are able to provide this):
  • Accommodation and meal expense packages for 2 staff for the night prior to training until the last day of training (we travel back after the final session),
  • A neutral and private room to deliver the sessions (usually this can be purchased within our accommodation),
  • Mileage from our office location in Portsmouth,
  • Day rate to cover the number of days for education,
  • 50% payment in advance with a purchase order number to confirm the dates. (under £500 are paid in full prior to starting

Subjects Delivered

Below are just a few of the subjects we can offer support for.
We can deliver UK wide.


We can offer support and training to staff teams or individuals surrounding how to masturbate, how to teach someone to masturbate and the safety surrounding it.

Forced Marriage

We can support Court proceedings surrounding marriage/divorce. We will deliver sessions surrounding marriage and divorce including finances and children where required.

Risky Sexual Behaviour

Working with individuals who are engaging in sex that is putting them at risk, we are able to offer education around appropriate timelines of relationships, Claires law, safer sex and support with how to form effective safer relationships.


The subject of people accessing minors (or images of minors) for reasons of pleasure or without knowledge of the laws can be a difficult one to teach. We can deliver sessions surrounding the laws and safe practices ensuring the individual has full knowledge. Their capacity can then be assessed by a decision maker following the programme.