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Educational Sessions

These are funded educational sessions of support that explores an array of subject areas under the umbrella of social and mental wellbeing, relationships and sexual health education. These sessions aim to support holistic wellbeing to promote safer interactions and self confidence/independence. 

Social Media

(online Safety)

4 sessions.
Looking at how to stay safe online, what to look out for and how to report if something is not right.


4 sessions.
What are the different boundaries we have with different people surrounding us. How do those relationships look different and how do we act within them. 

Mental Wellbeing

4 sessions.
As we talk through the creation of a wellness plan we look into our emotions and mental health. How we recognise and support Mental Health, when it's not doing well and how we maintain it when it is. 

The Basics

 4 Sessions.
Looking into the parts of the body, how they are the same and different to others. What we need to do to look after our health needs inc exercise and nutrition.
Including the ways we manage menstruation and what is "normal", highlighting the different products available for management. 


4 Sessions.
What do we want from a relationship? Staying safe in relationships. What do capacity and consent mean in relationships? Staying safe with others, closing on what different relationships look like.  

Sexual Acts

4 sessions
What services there are and how you can access them? Contraceptive methods are covered as well as STI info. The mechanics of the act and masturbation including accessing pornography and sex aids.